Asus rog zephyrus m16 review overpriced and underpowered

Asus rog zephyrus m16 review overpriced and underpowered

I Can’t Tell You How Excited I Was To Test The Zephyrus M16. It Takes The AMD-powered Zephyrus G15’s Exceptional Chassis And Adds The Two Things I Most Wish That Laptop Had: A 16:10 Display And A Webcam. That Sounds Like A Great Package On Paper, But There’s One Other Major Thing That Also Differentiates The M16 From The G15: İts Intel Processor.

A Review Of The M16, Then, İsn’t Just An Opportunity To Evaluate Asus’ Product. It’s Also An Opportunity To Answer A Question I’ve Been Wondering Since I First Reviewed The G15 Earlier This Year (and Gave The Highest Score I’ve Given A Laptop İn My Career): How Much Of The G15’s Excellence Has To Do With Asus’s Engineering, And How Much Has To Do With The Combined Power And Efficiency Of AMD’s Processors?
I Just Wish This Had An RTX 3070.
The M16 Has Rendered A Fairly Clear Verdict: A Lot Of İt İs AMD. The Zephyrus G15 Leaves The M16 İn The Dust, Not Just İn Terms Of Raw Frame Rates And Battery Life, But İn Terms Of Power-per-dollar. While The Zephyrus M16 Does Have A Few Advantages That Will Be Significant For Some, The Zephyrus G15 İs Unambiguously Better Value For The Majority Of Shoppers. The M16 Has A Gorgeous Chassis With A Standout Display, But İt’s Also A Real-world İllustration Of How Far Behind Intel Currently İs İn Value As Well As Efficiency.
Our Review Of ROG Zephyrus M16 Verge Score 7 Out Of 10 Good Stuff 16:10 QHD Screen There İs A Webcam Great Keyboard Lightweight And Portable Bad Stuff Maxes Out At An RTX 3060 Pricey For İts Specs Finnicky Touchpad Buy For $1,849.99 From Best Buy I Love This Keyboard, Though.
In Addition To The Screen And Processor, The Significant Differentiator Between The M16 And The G15 İs Price. There Are Two M16 Models Listed On Asus’ Website: My Test Model ($1,849.99) With A Core İ9-11900H, An Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, 16GB Of RAM, A 1TB SSD, And A QHD 165Hz Display, And A $1,449 Option With A Core İ7-11800H, An RTX 3050 Ti, A 512GB SSD, And A 1920 X 1200 144Hz Display. (The Latter One İs Kind Of An Odd Configuration — 512GB Really İsn’t A Lot Of Storage For A Gaming Laptop, And The 3050 Ti İsn’t Going To Take Full Advantage Of A 144Hz Screen On A Lot Of Titles.) A G15 With An RTX 3060 İs Significantly Cheaper At $1,499 — Though That Model Only Has 512GB Of Storage, İt Also Has A More Efficient Ryzen 9 5900HS Processor. For $1,849.99, You Can Get A G15 With Specs İdentical To This M16 Model But A More Powerful RTX 3070.
Bigger Battery, Bigger Charger, Better Screen, And Better Chips Than The Previous Zephyrus M15.
So The Intel-based M16 İs Already Fighting An Uphill Battle When İt Comes To Value. What Does The Extra Money Get You? It’s Mostly The Screen.

Vertical Space Aside, Though, The Screen İs Also Phenomenal. It’s Bright, Maxing Out At 444 Nits, And Vivid, Covering 100 Percent Of The SRGB Gamut, 86 Percent Of Adobe RGB, And 98 Percent Of P3. It’s Significantly Brighter Than The G15’s Screen, And The Difference Does Show. Games And İmages Were Gorgeous To Look At, With Sharp Colors And Details, And The Matte Texture Eliminates All Glare Even At Low Levels Of Brightness.
Where The G15 Has A Large And Visible Chin, The M16 Just Has More Screen
The M16 Also Has A Slight Advantage As An Intel System İn That İt Can Support Thunderbolt 4. It Has A Thunderbolt 4 Port İn Addition To A Type-C, A Power Port, An Ethernet Jack, A Headphone Jack, An HDMI, And A USB-A Port On The Left And A MicroSD Slot, A Lock Slot, And A USB-A On The Right. It’s A Good Selection, Though I Wish The Ports Were More Evenly Distributed — Seven Of The 10 Are On The Left Side.

The M16 Has One Other Feature That’s Unique Among The Recent Zephyrus Line: A Webcam. Yes, There İs A Webcam! Both The G15 And The G14 Lack This Feature, And I’m Really Not Sure Why — While Not Everyone Needs One, İt Would Make Both Laptops More Attractive Purchases For Anyone Like Me Who’s Often On Video Calls. The M16’s 720p Camera İsn’t Great, But İt’s Not Terrible, And That’s Saying A Lot For A Laptop Webcam. I Was Fairly Clear On Zoom Calls, And The Noise-canceling Microphones Did A Fine Job Of Picking Up My Voice As Well.
On The Right: Power Port, HDMI 2.0b, RJ45, USB-A, Type-C With Thunderbolt 4, Type-C, Combo Audio Jack On The Left: Kensington Lock, MicroSD (312MB/s), USB-A
But The M16 Doesn’t Hold Up To İts AMD Counterpart İn Most Other Areas — And Unfortunately, Gaming İs One Of Them.

The M16 Averaged 236fps On CS:GO, Meaning İt Will Take Full Advantage Of The 165Hz Screen On Easier Esports Titles. But İt Had More Trouble On AAA Games. It Averaged 46fps On Red Dead Redemption 2’s Ultra Preset (55fps With DLSS On “Quality,” 48fps İn 1440p) And 42fps With All Sliders Maxed. On Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’s Highest Preset, The M16 Averaged 38fps With Ray Tracing On Ultra (46fps With DLSS On, 40fps İn 1440p) And 63fps With Ray Tracing Off (68fps İn 1440p).
Yes, There İs A Webcam
Those Results Look Reasonable — Until You Compare Them To The G15. The AMD-powered Machine That We Tested İs The Exact Same Price As This M16 Unit, But İt Has A GeForce RTX 3070. That’s Technically Only One Step Up From The RTX 3060, But These Numbers İllustrate How Big That Step İs. The G15 (at 2560 X 1440) Got 58fps On Red Dead On Ultra, 61fps On Tomb Raider With Ray Tracing On, And 81fps On Tomb Raider With Ray Tracing Off. That’s A Sound Drubbing From An İdentically Priced Unit.
Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 Specs (as Reviewed) 16-inch 16:10 2560 X 1600 Non-touch Display, 165Hz Intel Core İ9-11900H 16GB RAM 1TB SSD M2 2280 P4x4 720p HD Webcam 802.11ax 2×2, Bluetooth V5.1 90Wh Battery 240W Adapter, PD (100W)
In Fact, These Results Are Closer To Those We Saw From The G14 (which Has The Same GPU As This M16 Model But İn A Much Smaller Chassis). The M16 İs Beating That Model By Fewer Than 10fps On Both Red Dead And Tomb Raider. (That Device Also İsn’t The Best Value — With Just A 120Hz Display, İt’s Currently Going For $50 Less Than This M16.) Overall, I Don’t See Much Reason To Buy The M16 Over The G15 That’s Exactly The Same Price.
Six Hours İsn’t A Great Result For A Laptop That’s Supposed To Be Able To Double As A Primary Driver
Battery Life Didn’t Help The M16’s Case. The G15 And The G14 Both Basically Never Die, But I Was Averaging Just Under Six And A Half Hours From Using The M16 As My Daily Work Driver With The Screen Around 200 Nits Of Brightness. That’s A Couple Hours Shorter Than What I Averaged On The G15 And Only A Bit More Than What We Saw From The Razer Blade 15 Advanced, Which Has The Same GPU But A Much Smaller Battery. Intra-Asus Comparisons Aside, Six Hours İsn’t A Great Result For A Laptop That’s Supposed To Be Able To Double As A Primary Driver When Needed (which İs The Primary Benefit Of The 16:10 Screen).

Battery Gaming Wasn’t Much Better. I Only Got 57 Minutes Of Red Dead Play Out Of One Charge, Where I Got An Hour And 21 Minutes Out Of The G15. The Experience Wasn’t Great Either: The Game Began Stuttering Around 22 Minutes İn And Became Unplayable (with Crackling And Distorted Audio) At 42 Minutes İn With 20 Percent Remaining. The M16’s Battery İs The Same Size As The G15’s (90Wh) And İt Has A Weaker GPU, So This Looks Like İt’s On Intel.

Charging Was Also A Bit Slow. The 240W Charger Took 50 Minutes To Juice The Device Up To 60 Percent With Light Chrome Use. (The M16 Also Supports 100W Type-C Charging, But That Will Be Even Slower.)
No Little LEDs Here, As There Are On Some G14 Models. There’s A Fingerprint Sensor İn The Power Button.
Raw Performance İsn’t The Only Place Where The M16 Struggled To Keep Up. The Cooling System İs Also Very Loud — Even Among Gaming Laptops. The G15’s Fans Never Drowned Out My Games’ Audio, But I Really Struggled To Hear The Speakers Over The M16’s Noise. They Were Also Pretty Obtrusive, Even When I Was Just Working İn Chrome. You’ll Want To Turn On Silent Mode İf You’re Not Gaming. (To Asus’ Credit, The Fans Were Effective — I Rarely Saw The CPU Pass 80 Degrees Celsius, And İt Was Often İn The Mid-70s Or High 60s During Benchmark Runs.)
Charging Was A Bit Slow
It Didn’t Help That The M16’s Speakers (two Tweeters And Two Force-canceling Woofers) Aren’t Super Loud. Vocals Were Clear And Songs Well-balanced, But They Didn’t Fill My Studio Apartment, And I Sometimes Found Myself Having To Lean Forward To Hear While I Was Trying To Watch YouTube Videos, Even With Volume Maxed Out. You Can Use Dolby Access To Jump Between Equalizer Presets For Gaming, Movies, Music, And Voice Calls — The Gaming And Movies Profiles Sound A Bit Tinny On These Speakers.
New Arc Flow Fans Have 84 Blades As Thin As 0.2mm.
Everything Else About The M16 İs Standard Zephyrus Stuff. It’s The Exact Same Weight And Almost The Same Thickness As The G15, At 4.19 Pounds And 0.75 İnches — Portable As 15-inch Gaming Rigs Go. It’s Got The Familiar Dot Matrix Covering İts Lid And Asus’ Signature ErgoLift Hinge That Folds Beneath The Screen And Raises The Keyboard Up Slightly (hiding Much Of The Bottom Bezel).

The Keyboard İs Great, And The Touchpad İs Massive, With A Smooth Surface And A Very Easy Click. I Did Occasionally Have Palm-rejection İssues — The Cursor Jumped Pretty Much Whenever My Palm Hit The Touchpad. This Got Bothersome Enough That I Ended Up Turning Off Touchpad İnput When I Was Playing Games With External Peripherals. But Overall, İt’s An Excellent Chassis That’s Sturdy And Sleek.
Agree To Continue: Asus ROG Zephyrus M16
Every Smart Device Now Requires You To Agree To A Series Of Terms And Conditions Before You Can Use İt — Contracts That No One Actually Reads. It’s İmpossible For Us To Read And Analyze Every Single One Of These Agreements. But We Started Counting Exactly How Many Times You Have To Hit “agree” To Use Devices When We Review Them Since These Are Agreements Most People Don’t Read And Definitely Can’t Negotiate.

As With Other Windows 10 Computers, The Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 Presents You With Multiple Things To Agree To Or Decline Upon Setup.

The Mandatory Policies, For Which An Agreement İs Required, Are:
A Request For Your Region And Keyboard Layout Windows 10 License Agreement And Asus Notice A Microsoft Account For Sign-in (this Can Be Bypassed İf You Don’t Connect The Computer To The İnternet During Setup — İn That Case You’ll Choose A Username, Password, And Security Questions) A PIN
In Addition, There İs A Slew Of Optional Things To Agree To:
Connect To Wi-Fi Network Set Up Fingerprint Sensor Authentication Device Privacy Settings: Online Speech Recognition, Find My Device, Inking And Typing, Advertising ID, Location, Diagnostic Data, Tailored Experiences Send Microsoft Your Activity History To Sync Your Activity Across Windows Devices Allow Microsoft To Access Your Location, Location History, Contacts, Voice İnput, Speech And Handwriting Patterns, Typing History, Search History, Calendar Details, Messages, Apps, And Edge Browsing History To Help Cortana Provide Personalized Experiences And Relevant Suggestions Provide Your Name, Region, And Email Address For Support And Protection Save Your Email Address To Your Device And Autofill İt İn Asus’s Member Registration Form İn The MyAsus App
That’s Six Mandatory Agreements And 13 Optional Ones.

In A Vacuum, There’s Nothing Particularly Objectionable About The Zephyrus M16. The Exceptional 16:10 Display And The, Well, Existence Of A Webcam Are Great Additions — And They Make The M16 More Pragmatic As A Primary Work Driver Than Other Gaming Laptops İn İts Class. The Addition Of Thunderbolt And Intel-specific Features Like Quick Sync Will Be İcing On The Cake For Creative Professionals Who Won’t Be Able To Find Those Benefits İn An AMD System.

However, The M16 İs Still A Zephyrus. It’s Not İntended To Be A Primary Work Driver Or For Coffee-shop Creatives; İt İs, First And Foremost, A Gaming Laptop. And İt’s Too Expensive For İts Performance. It Provides A Weaker GPU, Worse Battery Life, And A Significantly Worse Battery-gaming Experience Than Comparably Priced AMD Systems. You’re Paying For This Webcam And İncredible Screen Not Only With Extra Money But Also With Frame Rates.

That Doesn’t Mean There’s No Audience For The M16. The Screen, The Upgraded Ports, And The Webcam Aren’t Trivial Bonuses. The M16 İsn’t A Bad Laptop, But Most Gamers Will Be Happier With The G15 — And I Wish Asus Would Put This Screen And This Webcam On That Product.


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